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We’re Magnus Anderson

We’re your local hardwood masters and we promise to provide you the best, dust-free floor refinishing.

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Great for the Home

Our dust-free system generates 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding, keeping the air inside your home clean and safe.

Cost Effective

Professional refinishing is a great investment. Well-maintained hardwood floors add character and value to your home.

Time is Valuable

Our process involves the finest waterborne finishes, so all harmful toxins are eliminated and drying takes hours, not days!

Dust-free Refinishing

Magnus Anderson dust-free refinishing is the real deal. We use a powerful dust containment system equipped with a hospital-grade HEPA filter to evacuate airborne dust to a trailer outside of your home. Our system generates 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding while keeping the air in your home clean and safe.

We use the finest waterborne finishes to eliminate all harmful toxins. These finishes take only hours to dry and the beautiful color is guaranteed to stay true. Each finish is backed by an industry-leading 20 year warranty against dulling.