Before Photo - Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Magnus Anderson - Madison NJ

Hardwood floors start showing their age after about 20 years.

The most common signs are scratches, dulling and discoloration – if you notice these, it might be time to call in a professional. Keep in mind that high traffic areas will be the first to show signs since they get a lot of daily wear and tear.


To test your hardwood floors to see if it’s time to refinish, place a few drops of water onto the areas that are looking worn. If the water soaks in immediately, it’s time to refinish your flooring. If the water seeps in slowly, you may not need to refinish immediately, but you should keep an eye on those areas to avoid permanent damage or warping.


A standard 3/4” hardwood floor can be sanded about 6 to 8 times during its lifetime. To measure the thickness of your floorboards, insert a business card into the cracks and mark the top of the business card with a marker. Use a ruler to measure the space from the mark to the bottom of the card. If your floors are less than 3/4” thick, you should have them professionally refinished because sanding will be a delicate job.