Kitchen Floors - Hardwood Floor Refinshing - Magnus Anderson - Madison NJ
When choosing a hardwood species and stain for each room in your home, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

For the busiest areas of your home, typically kitchens and entryways, choose a wood species that can handle heavy foot traffic. These rooms need flooring that can stand up to heavy daily wear. Oak, hickory, and maple are great choices for these areas. Oak is the easiest wood species to stain so you’ll have a lot of flexibility when choosing a stain color. 


Areas of your home that don’t see as much traffic are great spaces to use softer woods like cherry, walnut, or pine. When choosing a stain color, keep in mind that lighter stains can make a smaller room look more open and bright. Medium stains are perfect for rooms with traditional decor and darker stains work well with modern layouts and design. 


There are a few rooms in every home where hardwood shouldn’t be used. Avoid hardwood in basements and bathrooms. These spaces tend to have higher humidity levels and water can warp wood, especially in bathrooms!