Winter Door Mat - Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Magnus Anderson - Madison NJ

Winter means snow, slush, mud, and rock salt. All of these can cause serious damage to your hardwood floors, but there are a few precautions you can take to ensure that your floors stay in good shape throughout the season.

Whenever it snows, be diligent about keeping your walkways clear. Whether this means regular shoveling or liberal use of rock salt, a clean path means less mess to track inside. Even though your walkways are clean, keep door mats inside and outside so guests can wipe their feet.

One of the biggest dangers to hardwood floors in the winter is rock salt. The crystals can scrape your floors, leaving visible scratches or get left behind so that the fine particles wear down the finish. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to utilize door mats, enter through the garage if you have one, and keep up with floor cleanings to remove all pollutants.

Some pets love to play outside when there’s a snowstorm. Have them sit on a door mat while you clean their paws when they come back inside to avoid any mud or grit being tracked onto your floors. As a year round precaution, make sure their nails are properly trimmed to avoid scratches and dents.